Masseria Bonelli is a suggestive farm of the end 16th Century, skilfully turned into a fascinating home. An excellent location surrounded by the virgin nature, which dominates the surrounding area and excites its guests with its Mediterranean fragrances; in a tour trough History, Tradition, Art and Cookery, the right combination for great events and ceremonies. A timeless place, a unique ambience in which there is the possibility to choose different solutions: the warm, comfortable and evoking interiors, or the outsides, where it is possible to arrange events surrounded by the luxuriant vegetation.

  • TRULLO ROOM. 300 seats
  • BASEMENT ROOM. 250 seats
  • BARN ROOM. 80 seats
  • BONELLI ROOM. 50 seats
  • LEMONS ROOM. 20 seats
  • FIREPLACE ROOM. 12 seats
  • OLD VILLAGE. 400 seats outside